10 Miniature Orchids Everyone Should Have in His Collection

Have you gotten to the point where you have little or no space for any more plants? I did and looked for cracks and small places where could put a small plant. This is your chance to see the ones that will take very little space and yet grow well.

Great things come in small packages! Here are 10 miniature orchids that everyone should consider for their collection! All are readily available, reasonably priced and take no special care beyond your current excellent growing efforts. Come take a trip down Miniature Orchid Growing Lane to see what small treasures can bring big rewards!

Garland has been a speaker for ROA on several occasions and knows his orchids. We are happy to welcome him again as speaker and expect to learn a lot and perhaps find a small space to accommodate these beauties.

The meeting is September 13 at 2 pm at the Heritage.

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