January Meeting Canceled

As many of you know we have been trying to find a reasonable place to hold our monthly meetings. It must be centrally located so most of our members have a reasonable amount of travel time and we need to be able to get our plants into the site without difficulty. We also looked for large enough meeting room to accommodate our activities and members, convenient parking, dark enough to show power point and videos, and a reasonable price.

We seem to have found such a place BUT it is has to be voted on by the decision makers so is not final at this point.

It is in a church. There are no stairs, has convenient parking, a large room with plenty of tables for all our other needs. Provided the board votes yes, our search may be over. It will be a different type meeting place but very nice. We talked with several at the church and all were very nice and helpful. Now we are waiting to hear from the governing group.

We look forward to having a February meeting.

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