Myths about Orchid Growing

What were you told about growing orchids before you decided to try some on your own? They are very hard to grow. You can’t grow them without a greenhouse. They are very “finicky”. You need a lot of special stuff to grow them. They die quickly and you lose your money. They won’t bloom in a house. Those of us who have grown them know that all this is not true. If you join a society of orchid growers you learn quickly and there is always someone to answer your questions and guide you, and tell your friends who are interested in orchids.
What we found is that they grow easily and are tough. They will survive a lot of mistreatment. They can be revived and saved when near death…unless you spent a lot of money for them. Then you will lose the plant!
They will grow in many things except dirt. They grow in stones, artificial material like rocks, cork, bark, sphagnum, pro-mix, wine corks, nothing, baskets, attached to a stick, sitting in a pot with nothing around them and water with or without fertilizer. Does that sound difficult? There should be something that you can use for your plants that will work. Many things work but you must adjust your methods of management depending on the medium you use and the type of orchid. Study how they grow in nature. Anyone can grow orchids if they learn the basics about the culture of the type of plant.
They don’t need a lot of fertilizer but do need the right kind and it is readily available. They need water and air movement to thrive.
We have had new people with only a desire to grow orchids start with a few plants and learn to be almost experts within a short time such as three years. How about your friends? Any of them like orchids but think they could never grow them? We have people that can help them learn and become as much of an expert as they would like.

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