Growing Chinese Cymbidiums

Barry Woolf is our speaker for March. Barry is a long time orchid grower and a long-time member of several Orchid Societies. In these societies he has worn many hats, from Membership Chair, Show Chair, Treasurer, Publicity, to President.

Currently he represents Ten Shin Gardens of Taiwan. The Ten Shin mission is to grow and provide line bred orchid species, and select hybrids, to the orchid collector. The goal is: to produce easier to grow species with better and longer lasting flowers; to perpetuate species that are endangered or lost in nature due to habitat destruction and/or poaching; and to do all of this while providing orchids at sensible prices. His job entails speaking and selling at Orchid Societies and Shows in the U.S. and Canada.

Join us March 13 at 2 pm at the Centenary Methodist Church, parking on 411 E. Franklin Street.

In this presentation, he will discuss the culture and diversity of variegated and peloric Chinese Cymbidiums native to Taiwan. He will share how he grows these showy yet surprisingly easy to grow orchids. Much of what he has learned has been by “trial & error.” Armed with this knowledge, even novice growers will succeed with these fragrant plants.

Barry jokes that he probably would not have gone out of his way to listen to a talk on Chinese Cymbidiums until he started studying them. These are definitely NOT your grandmother’s old style west coast cymbidiums!

Time permitting, he will showcase a few of his favorite species & varieties that are new to the trade. Most of these are easy to grow and flower on windowsills, under lights or in greenhouses. This discussion will facilitate success with any species by showing how to quickly find culture information.

As he is uncomfortable selling varieties and species that he has not grown and flowered, Barry’s only claim to orchid fame is that while trying to discover the limits to the physical conditions under which the various species survive in the US, he has probably killed more orchids than anyone in the area!
Parking: It is simpler for members and guests to park in the parking lot at 400 E. Franklin. Parking is free and you can enter the church from the back. Between the buildings there is a walkway that is smooth enough for you to bring plants in that door. There are signs saying that you must pay to park, but that is not true on Sunday. The church provides free parking. We have wagons that you may use to bring plants into the building. Come through the gate and into the building. The meeting room will be on your right.