Of all the wonderful orchids it seems that phals give maximum delight. They bloom in the middle of winter and a mature plant will continue until you have to cut the inflorescence off to give it rest. They come in many colors and markings with dots, splashes, stripes, and maybe all mixed together. Discussing the care of these wonderful plants will be Mike Chambliss and Wanda Andrako. Wanda has been growing orchids for about 35 years if you count those that grew themselves hanging in the trees in the yard at Miami! Mike has been very active in growing orchids and is the current president of ROA. Come join us at the meeting and maybe learn some tips that were discovered through many years of growing these lovely plants.

The meeting is March 8 at 2 pm at the Hermitage. You may come after 1:30 p.m. to set up and register your plants. Judging of plants starts at 1:40 pm.

Please bring your phals to the next meeting so we can see the variety of colors and shapes in the genus.

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