Beautiful Slipper Orchids …and How to Bloom Them

Hadley Cash of Marriott Orchids, the foremost hybridizer of paphs, will be our speaker for the June 12th meeting. He will discuss the various groups of paphs and discuss what it takes to get these beautiful plants to bloom.

Hadley began growing his first orchids over thirty years ago, and formed Marriott Orchids in 1985. By this time he had started growing paphs exclusively. In early 1990’s he built his first greenhouse of approximately 2500 square feet. Shortly after that he started a breeding program focused on producing paphs of the highest quality. In 1997 he married and in 1998 he expanded his growing area to 6000 sq. feet of heated greenhouse.

As of early 2015, Hadley has received over 400 American Orchid Society awards including 15 FCC’s (First Class Certificate). He has had six crosses awarded AQ’s (Award of Quality) from the AOS, and won both the W.W. Wilson Award and the Merritt W. Huntington Award for Best Paphiopedilum and best FCC of the year. On April of 2015, Hadley received the highest distinction of his career…he was awarded the AOS Award for Excellence in Hybridizing. This is given for a lifelong commitment to hybridizing excellence.

Hadley had written a number of published articles on the genus of paphiopedilums and its hybrids for the AOS, Orchid Digest, and the Slipper Orchid Journal. He has lectured throughout the US and internationally, sharing both his love and experience of Slipper Orchids.

Those of you who have attended an orchid show will probably remember the special orchid display of beautiful paphiopedulums. No other orchids but these and they were all special plants. Well, those were grown and perhaps hybridized by Hadley Cash of Marriott Orchids.

We are very proud to have him as our Eleventh Anniversary speaker. He will have some of his great plants for sale, and we know you will definitely not want to miss this program.

The meeting is June 12 at the Centenary Methodist Church at 2 pm with free parking at 400 E. Franklin St. in downtown Richmond. At 1:30 you can come to view the plants.