What are schomburgkias? This is a group of orchids that few of our members are growing. The first ones I saw many years ago were huge and not likely to be able to be grown in a small greenhouse or in the normal size home, so they did not generate the interest that those that take less space and are easy to grow do. Stan came along after smaller species had been found and the group of orchids had attracted the interest of hybridizers. They have very different blooms within the species from those that are commonly grown by our members and with all this, Stan became addicted.

Stan Baker’s interest in orchids began only 3 1/2 years ago when his spouse brought home a phalaenopsis that had been thrown in the trash at the retirement home where Alfonso was working. Being the inquisitive person that he is, Stan immediately went to the internet to learn how to take care of this forlorn little orchid. The rest is history! As we all know it only takes one to become addicted to orchids.

Having always had a penchant for tall things, he was drawn to the (former) genus of orchids known as schomburgkias because of their long inflorescences. Fascination soon turned into obsession and now Stan owns almost all of the schomburgkia species and an obscene number of hybrids!

Stan’s daytime job is computer programmer with the Virginia Employment Commission. He is also the Director of Music/Organist at Centenary United Methodist Church.

The meeting is February 8 at 2 pm at the Hermitage.

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