Small Favorites

When one first thinks of orchids, in all their diversity, the first thought is often of large plants covered enormous and fragrant blooms. Those of us of a certain age also remember the obligatory orchid corsages that were worn to many formal occasions. Most of us have at least some of those plants and wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Whether you have a single window sill or several greenhouses, the time comes when there is just no more room. In addition, some of us want to pack as much beauty and/or surprise into the space we have, and find that a space that will hold one large plant may provide a home of a dozen or more smaller plants, as well as provide widely differing environments allowing diversity.

This talk is about some favorites of mine that range from a few centimeters or less to a foot in height which attract the eye and the mind and demonstrate the variety of life enabled by evolution. They are relatively easy to grow and do not require demanding conditions.

This presentation will show photographs of some of my favorite miniature orchids, how one can grow them in a small area and a few tips about culture.

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