Paph Hsinying Flame by Thuyen Trevino

For our 10th Anniversary meeting we have a very special speaker. Hadley Cash is a fellow orchid addict who is recognized as one of the top orchid breeders in the U.S. specializing in Paphiopedilums. He has received over 250 awards from the American Orchid Society, including 10 first class certificates. Also, five additional crosses were awarded an Award of Quality, which recognizes hybridizing excellence in producing a cross of exceptional merit. Hadley started his personal collection about 25 years ago and got to the point where he had to have a greenhouse and began a program concentrating on breeding the highest quality complex, novelty, and species paphs. He has won the two top awards given in the world U.S. world of orchids for the same plant in the same year, 2005.

When you go to an orchid show and see a display of only paphs, you have probably seen one of his showings of beautiful, perfect plants. Hadley will show us what he has been working on and give us cultural information to help us grow ours better. One of our members said she talked to him a few minutes and learned more than she has ever known about growing paphs. We are very happy to have Hadley meet with us and teach us how to improve the culture of our paphs. He will have plants for sale so come prepared to take his special plants home.

The meeting is at the Hermitage at 2 pm June 14.

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